Mediascape and Music
I was a rock ‘n’ roll kid and I’m a rock ‘n’ roll adult. Unlike a lot of your dry ass rock ‘n’ roll artists, I made music and I am friends with a lot of working musicians. Actually people do a lot of different things..... It’s not unusual to run across people who contain the multiplicity to draw, make music, work in theater, make movies, prints, etc. In my secondary New York days, I had the unique experience of living on a street where many subterranean rehearsal spaces existed -Ludlow street (where the velvet underground came into being)... After moving to France, my work became more international, just because of what I experienced.... a book of collected works was published in 2012 by SENSITIVE SKIN, and a big retrospective of the work was shown at STRANGE NEIGHBOUR artspace in Melbourne in 2016. Please find a link on the main page to buy the book from Amazon. The Gibson guitar below was painted in Paris during the summer of 2001, when I won the Gibson/Lucky Strike ‘Guitart’ award- it’s in their guitar museum In Nashville.
Look and see mediascape collaborations with my fabulous musical pals, as well a few examples of commercial work for labels and magazines. I’ll be adding to this as I get more organized! Please ask if you want to know more.